A New and Popular Travel Destination – The Middle East

Have you always dreamed of getting away from it all with a trip to Morocco?ย Marrakech is one of the most popular places in Morocco to spend a holiday.ย While Marrakech is very popular, there are many other sites and cities to see in Morocco.ย There are mountains that can be accessed by a two to three hour drive along with the resort city of Essaouira.ย Essaouira is only a four hour drive from Marrakech and is totally worth the time it takes to get there.ย There are many day trips and tours that are offered from Marrakech to Essaouira.

Essaouira was previously known as Mogador, this is a name that was coined by the Portuguese.ย Essaouira offers a beach and a famous port.ย There are guided tours that take you through the port and airbrush you are going to be offered the chance at discovering the Argan oil at the Women’s Co operative that manufactures this infamous export.

There is also a citadel that has a lively past that is full of history.ย This port city has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is also famous for supplying the purple dye that the Roman nobles favored as a color of the aristocracy of the time.ย This is known as the Tyrian factory and visiting this factory is also going to be a stop on the tour.

Many artists call Essaouira home and there wares can be found on the pedestrian only streets.ย You are going to be allowed time for lunch if you decide on a day trip that is sponsored by a tour group.ย You can enjoy many of the local seafood eateries that include a wide variety of fish grills.ย The atmosphere is relaxed and just what a true holiday should be. You can enjoy all of this from your starting point at the Marrakesh Riad.

A day tour is also going to include many guided tours that are not only going to delight you, they are also going to inform you and you may find that you learn more than you thought you could during a day trip. It’s really a great experience all around. Some of the most famous Essaouira sites that you are going to tour are going to be the port.ย This is the favorite of many as it offers a look into one of the oldest ports in the world.ย There is activity going on at the port any time of the day and night.

You can also have a chance to browse the municipal market where you can purchase souvenirs.ย A stop at the jeweler’s quarter is always a must and is going to be included in a day trip tour as well.ย No trip is complete until you see the goods that are produced by the local artisans.ย For this reason you are going to be able to visit handicrafts complex as well while on your day trip to Essaouira.ย If you plan on taking a guided tour, you need to keep in mind that meals are not covered in the price of these tours and you should plan accordingly for this.


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