Cabin Ergonomics With Grand Am Mirror

Whether you are cruising at highway speed or stuck in a traffic crawl, one way that you can steer yourΒ away from accident is to have an ergonomically designed car mirror. Fitting it simply with the best mirror in terms of brand name and choice material will not spare you from getting white-knuckled on the wheels. The may look good with the most fashionable of car mirrors, but driving still can get on your nerves especially when changing lanes and backtracking.

Keeping your eyes on the road, of course, is a given. One lowdown, and the most important, in safe driving is cabin ergonomics, or the people and machine setup inside the car. The driver’s position is critical not merely for comfort but for safety as well. In most cases, drivers sit too close to the steering wheel and many don’t have theirΒ adjusted for such a situation. That is an encouragement for accidents. The recommended driving position should allow the driver to see over the steering wheel and hood.

The driver ought to be sitting high on the seat, from where he could have a decent view of some four or six meters of road in front of the Grand Am. Adjust tesla side mirror the seat height to the highest comfortable position. If your Grand Am is equipped with a seat
tilt facility, it will be better to determine a tilt angle that allows you to easily press the foot pedals down to the floor. The backrest angle should also be adjusted to complement the tilt angle to get a good driving position.

Ideally, you should be sitting far enough from the steering wheel so that your arms are slightly bent. This allows for better control if ever you are surprised with an unexpected occurrence on the road. In this position, without moving your head, adjust the . You will know that it is fitted correctly if you can see out of the rear window that the right edge of the mirror is aligned with the right edge of the Pontiac’s rear window.

When positioning the Β on the other hand, it is first necessary to dispel the common notion that they should reflect either flanks of the Grand Am. Sitting on a correct driving position, adjust the Grand Am side mirrors until you can see a good one meter of ground next to the body of the Pontiac. The wider this ground is, without breaking the view of the Pontiac’s body, the better. In this way, even the road situation on the adjacent lane is covered.

All this may sound an awful lot to keep in mind every time you leave the driveway. But safety isn’t exactly one of those things where less is good. Once these tips are practiced and get into the driver’s routine, they become second nature. In the long run, good cabin ergonomics can arm you and your Pontiac with a knack for driving that can spell the difference between an accident and a comfortable drive.


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