Common Questions Asked About a Central Heating System

Providing heated air to a home during the winter months is one of the biggest concerns of the homeowner. Space heaters and wood heaters are frequently used to do this, but a centralized heating system that spreads the warmth throughout the rooms is the most efficient way of heating all of the rooms equally.

What types of central heating system is available in my area?

There are three main types of central heating system that is recognized in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas. These are the wet systems that have heat exchangers and radiators connected to them, the warm air systems, and the storage systems.

The type of system that will work best in your home will be dependent on the size of the structure, the fuels available in your location, the amount of money you have to invest, and the preferences you have to how the heat is generated and distributed.

What types of fuel is used to operate a central heating system in my area?

There are several different fuel sources that are used to power these systems. Which fuel you use will be decided by the availability of the fuel in your area, the cost of the fuels, and your personal preferences.

โ€ข Mains gas is the most frequently chosen fuel source where it is available

โ€ข Electricity

โ€ข Wood

โ€ข Oil

โ€ข Propane

When you are selecting a boiler discuss with the sales person the types of fuel that are readily available where you live so they can show you the systems that will work the best for you.

What is a warm air system?

A warm air system has the air Cv storing heated by a boiler and then forced through special delivery ducts to the different rooms in the home. These systems are the most frequently used ones in the United States.

What are storage heaters?

Storage heaters are the types of devices that store heated water in a tank and then run the water through a series of pipes to a radiator. The radiator will be in each room and will emit heat into the room. Most storage tanks for hot water in the United Kingdom are located in the loft of the structure. Combination water heaters have replaced these older storage style versions because they are cheaper to operate and they require less space.

What are wet systems?

With a wet air system heated water circulates through the pipes in the home and the warmth provided by this water enters the rooms by way of a radiator. The wet style systems are the most popular in the United Kingdom.



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