Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a long-term investment that needs to be regularly maintained, rather than cleaned with powerful chemicals every once in a while. Ensuring that proper underlay is used before the carpet is laid, will help protect the carpet over the long run and regular cleaning with gentler chemicals will not only be better for the environment, it will be far more pleasant to use and keep carpets in optimum condition.

Some care to choose carpets that are suited to the area is another way to ensure that the carpet will be easy to maintain and care for over its lifetime. Once laid, the carpet will need to be regularly maintained and cared for, this includes daily vacuuming to stop a build up of dirt becoming lodged in the carpet fibers, regular cleaning that uses relatively harmless cleaners and spot removal of stains before they get locked into the carpet fibers.

General Carpet Cleaning

When you begin to clean your carpets with a cleaning product, you will need to consider the types of stains that you have in your carpets as well as the type of carpets you have and how the company that manufactured the carpets recommends you should clean them.

If the carpets are dirty from dust and dry, locked-in dirt, then a powdered stain remover will be ideal. Powder based stain removers only need to be sprinkled on the carpets, then brushed off.

Stains made by liquids, for example, soft drinks, coffee and wine need to be treated with a liquid based stain remover. Additionally, if the carpets are stained by moisture and build up of dust and dirt, a liquid based carpet cleaner is best. To remove water spills from carpet, a powder based cleaner can absorb the moisture, making it easy to remove.

Steam cleaning carpets is one of the most recommended ways of cleaning for most carpets, however, it is vital that you make sure that the process will not damage your type of carpet. The steam cleaning process involves the drawing the dirt to the surface of the carpet and removing it before it has a chance to stain.

Steam cleaning requires some specially formulated liquid cleaning products that are turned into steam by a steam cleaning machine or a steam vacuum cleaner. There are many non-toxic, steam-cleaning products available and the instructions for using both the chemical and the machine should be read first and followed exactly.

Ideally, the steam-cleaning vacuum should be fully self-contained, that is, it should be able to steam the dirt to the surface and then be able to vacuum the carpets right after. Steam cleaning is an ideal way to deep clean carpets and is also very cost effective. The better quality of the steam cleaner vacuum, the better the final result will be.

For those who are not sure how to clean their carpets correctly or have stains that are locked in and won’t come out with normal cleaning techniques, the best option is to call in a Monterey carpet cleaning company to remove the stains from the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning companies use a number of methods to clean carpets and will choose the best method for the type of carpet that is being cleaned.

Spot Removal

Spot removal is a technique used to instantly react to a spill or stain as soon as it occurs, before they have the chance to become permanent. Care must be taken not to use the wrong chemicals or techniques when spot cleaning, as this may cause more damage or spread the stains. Spot cleaning should be started with clean water and a blotting cloth. If that fails to remove the stain, stronger chemicals can be used for removal.

Carpet spot removal products can contain harmful chemicals. When using them, it is important to wear goggles and gloves. Ventilation is also needed when using chemical spot removal products. This can be achieved by opening doors and windows and avoiding use of the chemicals while others are close by.

After cleaning carpets, keep up regular maintenance on them to keep them looking in top condition. This includes vacuuming, making sure that you avoid stains by setting some rules, such as no food and drinks on the carpets and addressing stains or spills immediately with spot cleaning techniques.

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