Five Steps to Alcohol Detox at Home

If you are trying to alcohol detox and you would like to attempt to alcohol detox at home then here’s how to avoid any dangerous situations. I am going to show you how you can be positive that home alcohol detox is right for you, how to get into the right mentality, how to ensure that your environment is as safe as possible, how you can stay as positive as you can, and ways of avoiding relapses. By the end of this article, you should have decided whether home alcohol detox is for you.

Your first step, step 1, should do is assess your alcohol problem. You need to visit your doctor and seek advice about your situation, he will be able to tell you if you are a suitable candidate for a home alcohol detox.

Step 2, once you have your doctor’s permission to go through this process at home, you need to get yourself into the right mentality. You can do this by planning the day when you are going to start your Alcohol Detox. This is important because it gives you a firm foundation for you to move forward. If you don’t set a date it will be very difficult for you even to begin the process.

Step 3 is you need to make sure that your environment is as safe as possible. You need to provide yourself with everything that you will need for your detox. The withdrawal symptoms will last about one week. Make sure you have plenty of food and other provisions. Also ensure that you are able to keep warm, or cool. Have a good supply of over-the-counter medication to reduce the effects are any withdrawal symptoms. And finally have a list of important and emergency phone numbers close by your telephone.

Step 4 is all about keeping calm. When you are going through alcohol detox you need to remain as calm and as positive as possible. One way to do this is to try and keep your mind occupied, get a good supply of movies that you enjoy. Another way is to arrange for a positive person to make regular visits. Tell yourself as much as possible that you will soon be free from alcohol, and recount to yourself all the benefits of being alcohol free.

Step 5 is about choosing the company you keep…You are already doing one thing to ensure that you will not relapse, that is you are detoxing in the very place. You are also dealing with being around the environment where you abused alcohol. As a further method reduce the risk of relapse is avoiding anyone who is still drinking is for a while, also avoid visiting places where drink his sold.

Follow these steps to enable you to alcohol detox at home. Once you have your doctor’s blessing and you have made your home as detox friendly as possible, you should be able to complete your alcohol detox with as little discomfort as possible, while keeping your brain positively motivated.


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