Garden Fountains Make a Nice Addition to Your Landscape Design

Garden fountains are the most popular decorative accessories used in the gardens that help enhance the ambiance manifold. Skilled craftsmen, dexterously design fountains that bring peace and serenity in the environment. Lending an ornamental look to the garden, fountains come with attractive lightning systems and colored flowing water. They add definite character to the garden by beautifying its overall look.

Complimenting all kinds of garden settings, the wall fountain outdoor are carved out in variety of contemporary and traditional styles and shapes including – human figurines, saints, fairies, birds, animals, flowers as well as abstracts. The garden fountains are usually placed outdoors in hotels, resorts, offices, mansions and residential homes.

Fountains are available as:

o Outdoor Garden Fountains

o Garden Wall Fountains

The first recorded use of garden fountains and wall fountains in history comes from the ancient Middle East. Diagrams on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs also show the use of garden fountains within the enclosed courtyards of dramatic homes. Typically, they would take the form of a rectangular fish pond, with an impressive row of decorative and fruit-bearing trees lining the edges. The Mesopotamians used fountains extensively in their formal gardens, bringing a lush landscape to the harsh highlands, highlighted with garden fountains. Shade trees irrigated by the fountains provided respite from the hot summer sun.
The Persian influence in garden fountains was felt in the enclosure of the gardens and pools, the architecture of which were meant to simulate the heavens. Many of these gardens inspired the famous Persian carpet designs that have persisted to this day. Roman society was intricately tied to the bathing ritual, and particularly enjoyed water features in the gardens intertwined with the public baths. In the hot deserts of the Middle East, the desert oasis provided the inspiration for the ancient Persian-inspired paradise gardens.

Garden fountains harmonize water and are designed to fulfill both practical and aesthetic purposes. Fountains embody symbolic, artistic and social ideas as they enliven places and reinvigorate people. As a structure of stone, metal or concrete, the success of a fountain design is ultimately determined by its aesthetic mastery of water and its interplay with light and the surrounding environment. While water is a common substance, understanding its unique qualities and how best to use them and fountains require sustained observation of nature, knowledge of technical hydraulics and artistic sensibilities.

Many garden fountains sounds attest to the ingenious ability of designers to transform a dry, solid monument into a vibrantly wet and changeable work of art. The existence of fountains however, depends upon landscaping experts, irrigation mechanism of rising and falling water, design elements and hydraulic technology.


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