Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading

If you’ve been thinking of how to improve your outdoor or indoor features then there are many things that can help to create a more aesthetic appearance and that can make a big difference. One option is balustrading. Balustrading is when you have the small roundish pillars around your area (perhaps a patio or a terrace) which hold up railings and walls. These are often stone themselves and will tend to be ornate and well decorated. You will often find these in Roman architecture and they are a far more attractive way to create a side rail than just using a small wall which lets in less light and has no detailing. If you have balustrades around a patio terrace overlooking a nice garden, then it can feel like sitting in a wine garden in France, a large manor house from a period drama, or a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

The great thing about balustrades is that they are relatively kawat stitching easy to install yourself and that they can be something great to do as DIY for your home. Not only will they look great, but when people ask about them you can proudly tell them that you installed them yourself.

When you do this you will essentially buy the balustrades first and these will be the large concrete pillars that curve outwards. Look for ones that fit your dรฉcor and that have a decoration that you appreciate. From here you should then look into fitting them into place and that means that you will need to attach them to both the patio where they will be standing and the rail that they will normally be used to hold up. To do this you will use stainless steel wire and this will go down through the middle in order to essentially skewer the balustrade into place. If you do it lightly this will then mean that you are able to twist the balustrades round even once they are installed but that is up to you.

Stainless steel wire is the best option for this because it is the most sturdy and the most versatile. It will bend if necessary and at the same time it is relatively cheap and easy to find. You should buy a large role of stainless steel wire and then cut off each piece as you need it to feed through the balustrading. Do bear in mind that it can be a good idea to buy extra to avoid running out or for if anything should happen to your balustrades.

Stainless steel wire is useful as it won’t rust and it won’t easily snap. This is very important when you consider that the role of the balustrades is to hold your banister up – if they broke this would fall down and if they were on an elevated region this could cause someone who was leaning to fall and hurt themselves.

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