The Mantra Fitness

The mantra for the 21st century among us all is that of fitness. We all want to be concerned with being fit and not fat. Fitness is the new age of being and fits nicely with our yearning for health and leisure pursuits. This may have stemmed not just from health concerns but also from our pursuit of vanity.

We don’t want fat and cellulite. That in itself would be a good aim. But this does not mean we are aiming for fitness. Society is so committed to fitness and health that even children are being told to watch what they eat. Weighing scales have become an important instrument! Yet, simply losing weight does not mean that we are destined to become fit.

So what is it with fitness that is so important? Well fitnessΒ Panchkarma in rishikeshΒ equates to being healthy but to others simply being slim is being fit. Being slim is a good target but this does not mean we are truly fit.

Fitness is difficult to define. We need to look at the whole picture and not just the close up views of parts of the whole. Fat people are often unfit almost by definition. But thin people can also be significantly unfit.

Fitness is not just being able to do a cardio exercise for an hour or being strong and flexible. Nor is it to do with anything related to being slim and physically attractive. Fitness may encompass these qualities but does not become defined by them. We need to have all those characteristics in equilibrium – strength and flexibility; power and endurance; lean-ness and posture.

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