Vicky Bartzioka: A Narrative of Fashion and Artistry

Rooted in Athens, Greece: Vicky Bartzioka, the accomplished fashion model and actress, hails from her birthplace and hometown, the enchanting city of Athens, Greece.

Miss Young Greece Titleholder: Embarking on her journey with the prestigious title of Miss Young Greece, Vicky’s early recognition becomes a beacon in the realms of beauty and fashion.

Global Fashion Collaborations: Vicky’s impressive portfolio weaves a tapestry of collaborations with distinguished Greek designers and international fashion giants, including Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Levi’s, solidifying her position as a global fashion luminary.

Runway Royalty: The allure of Vicky graces prestigious runways, including iconic shows like L’OrΓ©al and Wella, attesting to her prominence and influence in the dynamic fashion industry.

Cover Star Magnificence: Vicky Bartzioka’s grace has adorned the covers of numerous fashion magazines, a testament to her widespread popularity and enduring influence in the ever-evolving fashion scene.

Versatility Beyond Modeling: Beyond the world of modeling, Vicky’s artistry extends to a music video alongside the renowned Greek singer Sakis Rouvas, infusing her career with a delightful touch of versatility.

Collaborating in Entertainment Excellence: Working alongside Oscar-nominated director Giorgos Lanthimos, Vicky showcases her involvement in high-profile projects within the entertainment industry, reflecting her artistic depth.

Early Vision and Fearless Pursuit: From childhood, Vicky demonstrated early determination, fearlessly pursuing her dreams and achieving remarkable success in both Greece and Europe.

American Odyssey in Modeling: Venturing across the Atlantic, Vicky signed with Click Model Management in New York, where she continued to carve her niche in the fiercely competitive world of international modeling.

Acting Aspirations: Despite her triumphs in modeling, Vicky embarks on a new chapter in acting, driven by a passion for new dreams and goals. This transition underscores her enduring versatility and unwavering determination to explore diverse facets of the entertainment industry.”

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