What Are the Benefits of Laser Cutting a Metal?

As you all know, laser cutting is the process of cutting and engraving material according to the requirement. This is done by focusing on high-powered laser beam emitted by CNC machines. During the process of cutting metals, a high-powered laser beam is passed through a G code and it melts and burns the metal. Thereafter, the final product is prepared.

The Co2 laser machines are used for cutting flat sheets made out of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and other metals. To conduct the cutting of metals efficiently and successfully, the CNC machines need to have Laser Engraver Company good quality laser parts. Mazak laser parts are quite popular and can be availed from the OEMs that provide the equipment necessary for metal cutting.

Through this article, we will try to understand the importance and benefits of Laser Metal Cutting:

Why Is Laser Cutting the Preferred Method to Cut Metals?

Ever since laser cutting has been introduced, it has proved itself to be better than other cutting methods. It works perfectly on metals like aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel etc. During the cutting process, the laser beam forms a small kerf on the metal, which creates a heat affect zone enabling the makers to create detailed and intricate designed shapes by punching holes and lines.

Now, let’s look at some of the benefits:

Warp Free Productivity

Warps at the end of any cut metal gives an unfinished and incomplete look. The lasers machines work swiftly due to the high speed of laser and create a small heat affect zone along with contactless processing of materials. Which means, there are hardly any chances of metal getting distorted. Also, as a result, you can obtain superior quality metal sheet productivity.

Saves Costs on Tooling

Quite unlike shear or punch press, laser cutting doesn’t ask for hard tooling. Being a simple and effortless method, it offers lean manufacturing and keeps the need for tool changing, sharpening and storage at bay. And as there is no need of hard tooling, it is possible to cut intricate and detailed shapes more easily as compared to other cutting methods. Sometimes, as a part of laser machine maintenance, you might have to replace laser spare parts.

Easy Equipment Set Up

As there is no need of hard tooling in laser cutting, it lessens the time taken to set up the equipment. On the other hand, if you go for changing and maintenance of punch press, it asks for you to spend same amount of time and more finances than would for setting up a laser cutting machine. With laser cutting, the only set up time you need to spend is for loading materials and programming the machine, which is again a cheap affair.

Neatly Cut Edges

One of the major reasons why laser cutting is better than traditional cutting is because it provides with excellent precision level and superior quality. The laser beam never wears while the cutting process is on. As laser beam focuses only on a particular spot, lesser heat is emitted into the overall area of the metal and provides you with neatly cut edges. In case you are not happy with the edges and the spare parts of your machines have worn out, you can consider buying Bystronic Laser parts.

Offers Customization

Several metal cutting manufacturers prefer laser cutting as it offers them with the needed customization. It helps them to create intricate and detailed shaped parts to be used for different purposes. No matter what the design is, one can create holes and cuts based on the requirement and render the customers with the same.

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