What Are The Best European Honeymoon Destinations?

The honeymoon! That sweet first journey of the newly-wed couple. All honeymooners want to make it special, interesting, memorable and as blissful as possible. Europe has always been in one of the top spots in the most preferred honeymoon destinations’ charts because of its diverse culture, top-of-the-line hospitality standards, world famous traditions and prices suitable for any budget. There are so many European countries that can offer the experience of a lifetime that it can be quite a challenge for couples to choose one of them but nevertheless, the exquisite charm of the South has retained and proved its glory over the years for the some of the best European honeymoons.

France – This country has been the most popular holiday destination in the world for many years and honeymooners are certainly bound to spend an unforgettable and classy time in this most romantic part of Europe. Discover the city of light – Paris, with its breathtaking architecture, palaces on every second corner, delicious cuisine and quality shopping. Another option for couples is to head south and explore the magnificent sunny French Riviera with its gorgeous cities Nice, St Tropez, Cannes or Marseille. Palm trees, turquoise blue sea and designer boutiques will be just part of the dream-turned-into-reality experience of their European honeymoon.

GreeceΒ – Escape from time on one of the breathtaking The Best Beaches in Italy Greek islands. Greece is another loved European honeymoon destination by couples who are looking for ultimate relaxation, quality accommodation, preserved nature and authentic atmosphere. Some of the most famous Greek islands include Santorini, Mykonos and Crete providing some of the best beaches in Greece, clear blue seas and the trademark white Greek houses. If you would really like to feel like a god or a goddess, the capital Athenes will simply captivate you with its mix of ancient culture and history and the most modern achievements of the hospitality industry.

Spain – The epitome of a sunny, colorful and delicious vacation. Enjoy amazing sightseeing with Spain’s rich culture and traditions and your European honeymoon will be one of a kind. Spain offers lavish golden sand beaches and warm inviting Mediterranean waters in addition to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville. A fantastic mix of old and modern, Spain will not disappoint any couple with its mouth-watering cuisine, great hospitality and fiery culture.

ItalyΒ – Another great and classy destination for honeymooners. Italy can offer you all you need – the eternal beauty and historical grandeur of its capital Rome with its people who worship life, excellent food, love and of course football. Newly-wed couples are to be spellbound by the easy-going atmosphere, beauty and charm of Italy. The city of Venice is a particularly popular European honeymoon destination with its magical canals, tiny and narrow cobblestone streets and magificent squares – the ideal setting for the most romantic honeymoon. Couples can also head south to the Tuscany region and let themselves be swept away by the gorgeous Italian nature, amazing food and blue skies that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

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