What is the Best Surface For My Patio? Block Paving Or Paving Stones (Flagging)

Summer time is here and many people are thinking of having their patio surface renewed. The two most popular options in the UK are block paving and flagstones. Here we will compare the differences of both materials. We will also look at which one is the better choice for your home.

Which option looks best?
Block paving comes in a variety of styles. The blocks are small and make an attractive surface. It is usually used on driveways because it gives a lot of detail over a large area. There are 2 types of block paving, the standard blocks are all one size and laid in a herringbone pattern. These blocks are most common in brindle colour with a charcoal border. They look good with most properties. Older or more traditional style houses look better with cobble style Paving and Driveway contractors which is laid in rows usually in 3 sizes.

Paving comes in many varieties from standard pavement style flags, to ornamental concrete flagstones from companies like Marshalls, to natural stone flagging like Indian Stone. There is an option for every budget and every desired look. The most popular option at the moment is Indian Stone as it comes in different shades and colours. This provides a cost effective natural look.

Which option is easiest to maintain?
Block paving is laid with a thin layer of sand in the joints. This attracts moss and weeds. Depending on where you live the surface will need cleaning once a year or so. If you choose to pressure wash the surface you will need to brush new kiln dried sand into the joints. It is best to apply a sealer afterwards too which will keep the surface clear for longer.

Paving is fixed together with concrete in the joints. This means that no weeds or moss will come from the joints making it an easier surface to maintain. However it will still need some attention when dirt sticks to it. Smoother flags will attract less dirt.

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