Why A Waterless Carwash Should Grab Your Attention

The planet earth is under severe pressure, and one of the most worrisome aspects is the fact that non-renewable resources are getting scarce, and even life-sustaining, essential elements such as water, air and the soil is becoming threatened by pollution, global climate change and human greed. It is therefore always worthwhile to investigate ways and means that will lead to the reduced use of scarce resources. Waterless Car detailing services products have taken the market by storm, allowing eco-conscious consumers to keep their vehicles in tip-top condition while still doing their bit for the preservation of the environment.

What Exactly is a Waterless Carwash?

These products are technologically advanced cleaning and protection solutions that are normally supplied in sprays and that are meant for the efficient cleaning of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, trailers and motorhomes. As the name indicates, no water is needed, and in most cases, reputable products provide astonishing results while very little effort is required. The spray typically consists of three main components; wetting agents, protectants and lubricants.

In essence, the wetting agent serves to soften all surface grime, making it easy to simply wipe away all dirt while the lubricant allows for the application of a very thin layer of protectant to the surface. There is no need to apply pressure of any sort, and the entire process requires very little time. When the instructions of the manufacturer are followed, the process leaves the surface brilliantly clean and with a beautiful, shiny protective glaze finish, and all this is achieved without breaking a sweat. Most reputable manufacturers offer similar products aimed towards waterless valeting.

What are the Advantages of a Waterless Carwash?

By far the biggest advantage is the fact that these products help reduce the use of water, a scarce resource that should be conserved. Of course, there are practical considerations also; water tends to be messy, and it is not always readily available when a vehicle needs to be cleaned. It is not just the water savings that contribute towards conserving the environment; most conventional detergents contain several chemicals and solvents that are harmful to the environment and the ecology.

When a vehicle is soaked in water and then washed with detergent, there is a distinct possibility that the grime on the surface of the automobile can cause damage to the actual surface, something that is prevented when using waterless carwash. The mere fact that the surface is soaked with water provides no guarantees that the dirt will actually become soft enough to merely wipe away, and it is often necessary to scrub. In addition, a waterless carwash removes dirt that is not readily eradicated with old-fashioned detergent; most car owners will testify to the difficulty they have in removing bird droppings, tree gum and insects from the surfaces of their vehicles.

Of course, a waterless carwash not only cleans the surface of the vehicle, but it also provides a protective layer that shields the automobile against harmful ultra-violet rays and many other potentially damaging substances. This protection is not only cosmetic, but it may add value to the vehicle when the time comes to trade it in or to sell it. A waterless carwash and products that allow for a dry valet produce results that last far longer than conventional cleaning methods which can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Many people have found that a waterless carwash can also be used for many other purposes. It is commonly used to clean shower stalls, toilets, basins and baths, and it has been used as a dry valet with excellent results in the cleaning of leather and vinyl surfaces.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Waterless Carwash?

Some detractors describe these products as gimmicks and they argue that it is very expensive, although there are many positive indications that money could actually be saved in the long run. In fact, exhaustive research fails to turn up any valid criticisms against a waterless carwash.

There can be no argument that any product or process that contributes to the protection of the environment and that helps limit pollution is well worth looking at. A waterless carwash has proven to be eco-friendly and offers many advantages to those people who enjoy looking after their automobiles.

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